CabCAM WaterProof 110° Angle White LED Observation Camera w/ Audio

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This wired camera is a waterproof, color camera with audio. The camera has 110 degrees of viewing angle and white LED illuminators. The camera also has mirroring capability and able to withstand off-road conditions.   

The white LED illuminators allow you to light up the area you are viewing up to 32', allowing colors to be visible.   

The white LED illuminators are on at all times, even when the monitor is turned off.  In order for the white LED illuminators to go off, power to the monitor needs to be removed. 

Because the LED lights are on at all times, it is recommended to use this type of camera in special applications only, such as air-seeder tanks or other constantly dark areas.

For use with wired CabCAM systems

300 mA Max power Consumption

Item # CC125

A-VS1CWL A-VS1CWL-AI SLP86-70355T OTC10-0057 OTC100057 9550

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