CabCAM 7" HD Color Touch Button Observation Monitor

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7" HD Color Touch Button Monitor

Embedded Control Box for Direct Power Input for Cameras, 4 Camera Capability 

Front of Monitor: High Definition Color Screen, Power Indicator, Remote Receiving Window, POWER Button, Brightness Buttons, Channel Selection, MENU Button, AV1 / AV2 / AV3 / AV4 Selector Button

Included Accessories Ball swivel mounting bracket with mounting pad, hard wire power adapter, automotive power adapter, stationary mounting bracket with thumb screws, sunshield, 22 Pin connector

Back of Monitor: Loudspeaker, Bracket Attaching Slot   

For 12 To 24 Volt Systems

Item # CC102

SLP55-39979T OTC10-0045 A-TM7121 OTC100045 A-TM7121-AI

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