CabCAM WaterProof 110° Angle Observation Camera w/ audio

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This wired camera is a waterproof, color camera with audio. The camera has 110' of viewing angle and infrared illuminators for night vision up to 32 feet.

The camera also has day/night sensors for automatic light adjustment. 

Waterproof, Color with Audio, 28 Infrared Illuminators Allow up to 32 feet of Visibility in the dark, Image Mirroring Function, Withstands Off-Road Conditions 

Use with Item # CC103

400 mA Max power Consumption

For use with wired CabCAM systems

Item # CC124

B1VS1C110 MSVS1C110 S.23055 WN-VS1C110 WNVS1C110 8301348 A-VS1C110 A-VS1C110-AI VS1C1100-A VS1C1100 SLP21-68079T 030921-1673 030921-1154-1673 VS1C110-A  

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