CabCAM Automatic Shutter - Heated Observation HD Camera w/ Audio

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Auto Shutter Color HD Camera works well in areas requiring extra protection. The auto shutter camera remains closed when not in use to keep the lens free from debris. Built to withstand off-road conditions this camera is also weatherproof. The auto shutter camera has illuminators allowing up to 32 feet of night visibility. The cameras auto heating abilities activate when temperatures reach below 50 degrees.   

Has audio and a 130 degree viewing angle

Shutter is closed when not in use to keep free from debris  

Weatherproof and constructed to withstand off-road conditions    

Infrared illuminators allow up to 32' of night visibility  

Auto heating when temperature is below 50' F or 10' C    

Image can be switched between mirror and normal    

450 mA Max Power Consumption

Item # CC161

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