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CabCAM 9" HD Quad Observation Video Monitor

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The 9" color quad HD monitor can view 1 camera separately or view all 4 cameras simultaneously utilizing picture-in-picture technology.

9" Digital Color HD Touch Button Monitor

Embedded Control Box for Direct Power Input for Cameras, 4 Camera Capability, Automatic Back lighting For Buttons, 1 Video & 1 Audio Output.

Front of Monitor: Digital HD Color Screen, Power Indicator, Remote Receiving Window, POWER Button, Brightness Buttons, Channel Selection, MENU Button, AV1 / AV2 / AV3 / AV4 Selector Button, Audio Speaker   

Back of Monitor: Bracket Attaching Slot, Connection Cable

Accessories:  Ball Swivel Mounting Bracket, U-Support Mounting Bracket, Remote Control, hard wire power adapter, automotive power adapter, Sun shield, 27 Pin wire harness

HD cameras will not work with non-HD monitors
Non-HD wired cameras will work with HD monitors, but the video will not be shown in HD

Item # CC107

OTC10-0046 OTC100046 A-QM9146

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