CabCAM 7" Monitor - 1 Camera Observation System w/ Audio

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When you need extra visibility around the farm or field, the versatile all weather CabCAM Camera Observation System can give you the edge. With its three color camera capability, eliminate blind spots and improve day and night visibility with its infrared illumination for night visibility up to 32 feet.

Waterproof Camera: Color with Audio, Infrared Illumination Allows up to 32 feet of Visibility in the Dark, Image Mirroring Function, Made to Withstand Off-Road Conditions.

Front of Monitor: Digital Color LCD Screen, Power Indicator, Remote Receiving Window, POWER Button, MENU Button, VOLUME Buttons, Channel Selection, AV1 / AV2 / AV SHIFT Button, VIDEO / AUDIO Input, Speaker   

Back of Monitor: Support Attaching Slot, Connection Cable 

AV Conversion Cable Ball Swivel Mounting bracket with Adjustable Mounting Pad, Stationary Mounting Bracket, Power Supply Cable, Remote Control, Back shield, Cigarette-Lighter Power Adapter. 

Sun shield , AC Power Adapter, 65' Weatherproof Extension Cable and 20' Weatherproof Extension Cable.

Item # CC141

A-B1CC7M1C CC7M1C-FBM 2830045 OTC10-0023 B1CC7M1C B1CC7M1C-A B1CC7M1C S.23051 WN-CC7M1C WNCC7M1C 2830045 556000 8301345

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