80 LED Warning Beacon Flasher Blinker Pipe Mount w/ Flexible Rubber Base

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Warning Beacon 80 LED Amber

9 inches Overall Height, .943 Mount ID, 6 inch Lens Height, 5 Inch Lens Diameter.

3 Adjustable Flash Settings. Rotating: 120 Flashes per Minute. Flash: 100 Flashes / Minute. Strobe: 75 Flashes / Minute. Polycarbonate lens allows visibility at greater distances.

Pipe Mount allows one beacon to be used on multiple machines.

For 10 to 30 Volt Applications

Flexible Rubber Base offer an extra measure of protection.

Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Dome. 

BLED173, BMP100, BMP200, BMP300, BLA9810, RL9055, EPMRTFLX, AZ101891, AZ44705, 3715144M92, 47108851, WL173LENS WN-BLA9810 WN-BLED173 WNBLA9810 8302102

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