Rotating Beacon 2 Bolt Style Mounting Bracket

Rotating Beacon 2 Bolt Style Mounting Bracket

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.9435 OD - Overall Length - 4"

Power (Red) & Ground (Black) Wires That Are Connected To The Threaded Insert For Power. Rubber Cover.

AZ44705, AZ101891 RB9811A RL9055, AZ101891, AZ44705, RL9055-A, AZ101891-A AZ44705-A EPMRTFLX J841739, K841786, 175048A1, 47108851, 81801C1, 82018390, 84126541, 89513421, 92392C1, 9513421 3715144M92 BLA9810 RT7700026954 ER126550 81801C1 4298533M92 WN-BMP100 BMP100, 9513422 RLP2059, BLED173 ELJ50-0067 WN-RLP2058 WNRLP2058 A-RLP2058 9513422 ELJ50-0066 BMP200 LBX332P LBX332R LBX332S LBX432R RBX452 RBX462 BLA9810 WN-BMP300 ELJ50-0065 A-RLP2057-AI

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