12v Tractor Seat for CIH / Ford w/ Air Suspension

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Heavy Duty Air Suspension Seat For Flat Mounting Surface for JD, AC, IH, FD, NH, MF, Cat, CIH

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Case-IH 5120, 5130, 5140, 5220, 5230, 5240, 5250

Ford TW10, TW15, TW20, TW25, TW35, TW5

3.1" (80 mm)  Infinite assisted height adjustment.

Operator weight 110 - 290 lbs. (50-132 kg.)

Work comfortably with this Mid-Back Seat. Covered in durable fabric and equipped with a 12v air suspension to absorb shock & keep drivers comfortable year round. It also features adjustable lumbar support to prevent back pain, made with padded armrests that allow for angle tilt, as well as customizable height and weight adjustments, swivel, and slide rails that provide 5" of travel.

Some Applications may require drilling & bracket fabrication to mount seat.

This Seat will fit a lot of models of AG, TURF, CONSTRUCTION AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT.

Item # AS110

A-MSG95741BNC, SW09001, SLP910166409, MSG95741, MSG95741BNC, A-MSG95741BNC-AI, MSG95741-A, SD021596, ATL09, HEV599255, MSG95741GRC, A-MSG95741GRC, A-MSG95741GRC-AI, SLP78-33854T, SW09002, 721 MSG85 MSG85721F P-1055-7922 TS1185H TS1185HD, A-MSG85721F, A-MSG85721F-AI, P-10, 3010-0004, 30100004, 3780360M91, 3782539M91, 3389500M2, 1687099M91, 3580784M91, MSG85721V, A-3784092M92, A-MSG85721V-AI, WN-VAM1270, 6696, 6695, 6705, 6703, 6706, 6698, 6691, VAM1270, MSG85721V, 6699, 6702, 6686, 6699-PEX, VAA1270, VAA1270-PEX, S8301452, 12794571, 12805129, 12811307, 14666-000, 14666000, 3820797M91, 4299372, 43905850, 46875, 47802340, 47984848 623-3022 72272450 72275525 72275527 73335392 84067648 84067650 86982453 86990267 AH201593 AH228255 AL117332 AL180265 AT102999 AT103000 AT159385 AT160119 AT174642 AT174643 AXT11347 AXT11348 CB11484684 CB11484685 M9271A MSG85 RE251272 RE276007 TCA17395 TCA23573 S8301528 SEARS

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