12v Low Back Tractor Zero Turn Seat w/ Air Suspension

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Low Back Seat Black Vinyl w/ Air Suspension

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Agco ST24A, ST25, ST30, ST30X, ST32, ST35, ST55

Ariens Max (Zoom 2552), Max (Zoom 2560), Zoom (2040), Zoom (2042XL), Zoom (2350), Zoom (2548XL), Zoom (34)

Bad Boy 2300ZT, 2600ZT, 4800 (Pup), 5200 (Lightning Z), 5200 (Pup), 6000 (Lightning Z), 6000 (LPG), 6000 (Pup), 6000AOS, 6000AOSD, 7200 (Lightning Z), 7200AOS, 7200AOSD

Bobcat A770, S450, S510, S530, S550, S570, S590, S595, S630, S650, S740, S750, S770, S850, T450, T550, T590, T595, T630, T650, T470, T750, T770, T870

Bush Hog CZ2149, EC2561KH, ES1744, ES2044, ES2052, ES2252, ES2452, HS1836, HS2042, M2260, M2355A, M2360, M2560, M2561, M2661, PZ2561, PZ2661, PZ3061, PZ3073, TC200, TC220, ZT18, ZT180, ZT22, ZT25

Challenger MT225, MT225B, MT265, MT285, MT295, MT297

Clark 100, 25E, 30, 40, 4000, 4500, 6024, 6500, C15L, C20B, C25, C25C, C25CL, C25L, C25P, C300, C300Y50, C30D, C35D, C35L, C40B, C50, C500, C500-20, C500-25, C500-30, C500-45, C500-50, C500-55, C500-80, C500HY150, C500S100, C500S80, C500Y, C500Y100, C500Y100PD, C500Y135, C500Y155, C500Y155D, C500Y1600, C500Y40, C500Y45, C500Y50D, C500Y580, C500YS80, C500YS80D, C75, C80, CDP25H, CDP30, CDP35H, CDP50, CER66-2452, CFY20B, CFY50, CGC25, CGC30, CGC40, CGC50, CGC50L, CGP20, CGP25, CGP30, CGP50, CGP55, CGS25MB, CH100, CH800, CHY130, CHY140, CHY160, CHY160B, CHY60, CL30, CMC15, CMC15L, CMP25, CMP40, CMP40L, CMP45D, CMP45L, CMP50, CMP50L, CMP50S, CMP60, CMP70, CMP70D, CQ25L, CTM16S, CY120, CY60, CY80, CY800, DPH60PK, DPM20S, DPM25N, DPS30I, EC40, EC500, EC500-30, EC500-50, EC500-50F, ECG25, ECS20, ECX25, EM30, GC15, GC25, GCS20, GCS25, GCS25MB, GCX20, GCX25, GCX25E, GCX30, GCX40, GCX50, GEX18, GEX20, GP25MC, GPM20N, GPS15, GPS25, GPS25MB, GPS27, GPS30, GPS30MB, GPX20, GPX230, GPX25, GPX30, GPX40, GX230, IT60N, IT70, IT80, RY160D, TM15, TM17, TM20, TM25, TMG15, TMG20, TMX15, TMX15S, TW25, TW25B, TW30, TW30B, UT40D, UT60, UT60D

Crown FC4500, SC4500

Cub Cadet 42RZT, 44 (Enforcer), 44 (Z Force), 48 (Enforcer), 48 (Recon), 48 (Z Force), 50RZT, 50VTRZT, 54 (Enforcer), 54 (Z Force), 54RZT, 60 (Recon), M48KH (Tank), M48KW (Tank), M54KH (Tank), M54KW (Tank), M60KH27 (Tank), M60KH30 (Tank), M60KW (Tank), M60KWLC (Tank), M72KW (Tank), S6031 (Tank), S7237 (Tank)

Dixie Chopper 2250 (Magnum), 2750 (Classic), 2750 (Magnum), 2760 (Classic), 2760 (Magnum), 2760KW (Silver Eagle), 2760T (Classic), 2760W (Classic), 3356 (Dominator), 3360HP (Classic), 3372HP (Classic), 3560T (Classic), IE2044, IE2348, IE2350, IE2550, IE2560, IE2650, LT2000-44, LT2000-50, LT2300-50, LT2500-50D, SE2550, SE2750, SE2760, SE2760HP, SP2800-60, X2000-50, X2400-60, XC3300-74, XC3366, XC3374, XC3574D, XC3666D, XF2500, XG2503-50, XG2703-60, XT2800-60, XT3000-60, XT3200-60, XT3200-72, XT3300-60, XW2600, XWF2700-60, XX2500-72, XXW2500-72

ExMark  FR20KC, FR23KC, FR25KD, FR31BV, LAS25KC604, LAS28KA604, LCT21BV523, LCT23BV603, LHP23KA565, LHP23KC523, LHP27KC565, LHP4420KC, LHP4818KC, LHP4819KA, LHP4820KC, LHP5223KA, LHP5223KC, LXS25KD605, LXS25KD665, LXS25KD725, LXS29LKA605, LXS31BV605, LXS31BV665, LXS35BV605, LXS35BV665, LXS35BV725, LZ18KC523, LZ23KC605, LZ25KC604, LZ25KC724, LZ26KC604, LZ26KC724, LZ27DD604, LZ27DD724

Grasshopper 120K-48, 124, 220, 223, 227, 321D, 325D, 329, 329B, 335, 430D, 432, 616T, 620T, 721DT, 723T, 725DT, 727T, 729BT, 729T, 735BT, 930D, 932

Mitsubishi 2FBC15 2FBC20 2FBC25 C50B FB16KT FB16NT FB18NT FBC25 FD115 FD15 FD150 FD18 FD210 FD25 FD30 FD35 FD40 FD50 FD60 FD70 FG045K FG15 FG20 FG25 FG30 FG35 FG40 FG45 FG45K FG50 FGC15 FGC20 FGC25 FGC30 FGC35 FGC40 FGC45 GP30

TCM 10, 100, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 36, 40

Low-profile compact full scissor 12-volt air suspension with up to 3.15" suspension stroke
Ergonomically contoured foam cushions to ensure operator comfort
Adjustable backrest angle for individual fit and comfort
Foldable mid height backrest with 12.5° forward recline in increments of 2.5°
Quick-release cushions for easy removal service
110 - 386 lb adjustable weight adjustment with indicator
Internal seat belt tethers
Slide rails provide 3.15" fore/aft adjustment in 0.4" increments
Comes standard with operator presence switch
Rubber molded suspension cover to keep components free of dust and dirt.
Mounting pattern: 11.22" side-to-side and 11" front-to-back
Use with ArmRest Item # AR195

Complies with ISO 7096 vibration, ISO 11112 dimension, SAE J1163, ISO 5353, and ISO 3462 standards.
This seat complies with applicable SAE J386 or ISO 6683 requirements when seat belt is properly installed.
Please note some models may vary and you may have to drill new holes in existing mounting platform to install this seat.


Item # AS122

AT522525 AT532014 AT532015 1296180GT 1000340478 4603382 8736 115710FP

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