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12v Heavy Duty Backhoe / Loader Seat w/ Pedestal & Air Suspension

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Suspension Seat with Pedestal For Flat Mounting Surface (Some Assembly Required) for JD, AC, IH, FD, NH, MF, IR, Cat, CIH

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Case 420, 480C, 480D, 480E, 480F, 480L, 485, 530, 570 XT, 570 XLT, 580, 580B, 580BCK, 580C, 580CK, 580DK, 580E, 580ES, 580F, 580G, 580K, 580K II, 580K III, 580L, 580L II, 580L Turbo, 580LSP, 580M, 580M II, 580M III, 580M IV, 580MT II, 580N-WT-F/S-CAB, 580 SD, 580 SE, 580 SK, 580 SL, 580 SL II, 580 SLE, 580 SM, 580 SM II, 580 SM III, 580 SM IV, 580 SM Plus, 580 SM Plus II, 580 SN, 580 SR, 590, 590L, 590M, 590 SL, 590 SL II, 590M III, 590 SN, 590 SR, 590T, 595 SLE, 680, 680E, 680G, 680H, 680K, 680L, 695, 695 SR, 695 SR II, 780C, 780CK, 780D, 1155E

Caterpillar 416C, 416C IT, 416D, 416E, 416E ST, 420D, 420E, 420E IT, 420E ST, 422E, 426C, 426C IT, 428C, 428D, 430D, 430D IT, 430E, 430E IT, 430E ST, 432D, 432E, 436C, 436C IT, 438C, 438D, 446B, 446D, 450E

John Deere 310E, 410G

This Seat with Suspension is a high quality replacement seat and suspension assembly with a pedestal base that has multiple mounting patterns to add maximum comfort

Durable Black Vinyl covering
Mechanical suspension with 3.5" suspension stroke or an air suspension with a self-contained 12-Volt compressor with 4.5" suspension stroke
Ergonomic contoured cushions to ensure operator comfort
Reclining backrest for individual fit and comfort
Lumbar support for lower back comfort
Adjustable fold-up armrests
Internal height adjustment of 2"
Suspension weight adjustment
Heavy-duty slide rails with 6" of travel
Integrated swivel with 180° rotation
Durable rubber molded suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust
Pedestal base with multiple mounting patterns

Please note some models you may have to drill new holes in existing mounting platform, or require bracket fabrication to install this seat.


Item # AS183

7977 8417 8162 8163 Sears 535 1000 1001 1003 425 435

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