Truck / Tractor Seat Protector Coveralls Set 20" - 28"

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For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To: 

Truck / Tractor Seats With 20" - 28" Backrest (Measuring From Top of Seat Cushion to Top of Backrest)

Excellent protection for heavily used seats.

The high-quality fabric is highly dirt-resistant and robust, and naturally washable.

Easy to put on, and it optimally adapts to the seat's shape due to elastic and velcro fastening tabs.

Designed for Grammer, but Ideal for all Mid-Back Seats With or Without Armrests Including Seats Inc., Bostrom, National, Sears, Knoedler, Wise, etc.

Durable Two-Tone Gray Alcanta Fabric material made to last.

Side cinch-down lacing system allows for a snug, comforting fit

Universal design made to stay in place

Multiple exterior pockets located on front, sides and back

Liquid and stain resistant

Fits high-back truck seats with headrests and backrest measuring 20" - 28" (from the top of seat cushion to the top of backrest)

Not suited for seats with climate control.
Not to be used on seat with integrated airbag and/or integrated seat belt.

Item # SC369

1200866, A-PGR866, A-PGR866-AI, 1200866-A JD, AC, IH, FD, NH, MF, MM, Cat, CIH, KW, Grammer AT347476

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