Tractor Wheel Loader Excavator Seat w/ Suspension

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Suspension Seat for JD, AC, IH, FD, NH, MF, IR, Cat, CIH

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Daewoo Solar 130V - Solar 470V

Hitachi EX120-5, EX160-5, EX200-5, EX230-5, EX270-5, EX300-5, EX330-5, EX450-5, EX550-5, EX750-5, EX800-5

Hyundai R110-7, R140-7, R160-3, R160-7, R180-3, R180-7, R210-3, R210-7, R250-3, R250-7, R290-3, R290-7, R320-7, R360-3, R360-7, R450-3, R450-7, R500-7

John Deere 744E

Komatsu (Must Re-Use Factory Swivel) WB140, WB140-2, WB146-5, WB150-2, WB156-5, D31EX-21, D31PX-21, D31EX-22, D31PX-22, D37EX-21, D37PX-21, D37EX-22, D37PX-22, D39EX-21, D41E-6, D41P-6, D61EX-12, D65EX-12, D65PX-12

(Requires Adapter Plate) PC120-6, PC130-6, PC150-6, PC160-7, PC200-6, PC220-6, PC200-7, PC210-7, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC228-3, PC270-7, PC300-6, PC300-7, PC350-7, PC400-6, PC400-7, PC450-6, PC450-7, PC600-6, PC750-6 (Verify no Joystick Steering Attached to Seat Before Purchasing. Requires Adapter Plate) WA100-3, WA150-3, WA180-1, WA180-3, WA200-1, WA250-1, WA250-3, WA320-1, WA320-3, WA380-1, WA380-3, WA420-1, WA420-3, WA450-3, WA470-3, WA480-6, WA500-1, WA500-3

This Seat with Suspension is a high-back replacement seat with mechanical suspension for agriculture and construction applications to add maximum comfort.

Heavy-duty fabric or vinyl covering
Angle adjustable backrest for extended comfort
Mechanical lumbar support to help prevent lower back pain
Adjustable seat incline
Tethers for seat belt (standard on Fabric)
No tethers for seat belts on vinyl 
Front controls for easy access
Slide rails provide 6.25" fore/aft adjustment
Height and tilt adjustment of 2.5"
Weight adjustment from 110 - 265 lbs
Mechanical suspension with 4" vertical stroke
Seat dimensions: 19.29" x 30.71" x 22.83" (W x H x D)
Rubber molded suspension cover to keep components free of dust and dirt

Internal structure meets or exceed seat belt specifications 3776, 6683 and SAE J386 (standard on Fabric).

Seat meets EM1, EM3, EM4, EM5, EM6 and EM8 specifications.

Bolt Pattern (W x L - 11" x 11")

For Armrest Use Item # AR165

Please note some models you may have to drill new holes in existing mounting platform, or require bracket fabrication to install this seat.


Item # MS263

312605088, 42N-54-17790, 134-57-61200, 134-57-61300, 20Y-57-31100, 20Y-57-31400, 20Y-57-61100, 20Y-57-61200, 20Y-57-61320, 22B-57-11400, 207-57-K1150, 207-57-61200, 421-57-21511, 421-57-21512, 421-57-41310, 421-57-41310, Kab 411 AT138329 8144, 8111 Kab 51311

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