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Tractor Seat Auto Adjust Strut / Shock Absorber / Isolator Kit for Sears Seat

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Shock Absorber Fore/Aft Isolator Service Kit

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Sears Air Ride Seats

Kit includes shock for fore/aft isolator, and all bushings and screws needed for easy installation
Made to provide long-lasting durability
Replaces worn out fore/aft isolator

Extended length 9.01" (229 mm) c-c
Compressed Length 6.61" (168 mm) c-c
Hole Diameter 0.625"
Overall Diameter 1-5/8" 

Item # MS312

SA20001 585508D1 T80610SA RE331298 RE320626 RE182488 243696 RE65695 RE52552A RE189402 AG332239 AG137819 SA19738.901 SA11270 SA33077 571276D1 S20221 FE 571276D1 S14392 S14392.901 AG332239

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