Tow Behind Lawn DeThatcher 42"

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DeThatchers clear residential and commercial lawns of grass-killing thatch, making it easier for water and nutrients to get through and for grass to grow and thicken.

This 42-inch model has a high-capacity tray so you can add or subtract weight to achieve your desired soil penetration. In fact, it holds twice the weight of a 40-inch DeThatcher making it a good choice for areas plagued by thicker, stubborn thatch.

It has 22 spring tines to dig out the thatch and it attaches easily to any riding lawnmower or tractor via clevis hitch and pin. Users can raise and lower the thatching tines with an easy-to-operate cantilever handle located within reach of the vehicle's seat. 

Build Quality: The unit has a thick, 12-gauge steel tray holding the heat-treated thatching tines. Its manufacturing method is designed to assemble quickly     

Capacity: 150 lbs.   

Body/Frame: 12-gauge steel tray   

Wheels: 7" solid rubber   

Assembled Size: 37"H x 33.25"D x 50.75"W   

Swath: 42"   

Tines: 22 heat-treated tines   

Assembles in 30 min. or less!   

Made in the U.S.A.

Item # LG123

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