Operator Presence Switch Kit for Grammer Seats

Operator Presence Switch Kit for Grammer Seats

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Operator Presence Switch Kit for Cat, NH, CIH, IH

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Grammer 65 or 75 Series Seats

Easily swap out the old Operator Presence Switch in your seat with this Grammer Operator Presence Switch Kit. Over time & with a lot of use, it is not uncommon for switches to fail.

Wire connectors with switch inside black wire protective sleeve
Made to provide long-lasting durability
Replaces worn out operator presence switch
Kit includes switch bay, springs, spring studs, rivets, contact plate, switch bay cover, zip ties and activator rod for easy installation
Installations instructions for easy install

Item # SH170

MSG65 MSG75 136 531 7916 7882 7776 8189 8188 8462 8720 8721

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