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MWT-0510-2MHD Dual-Axle 510 Gallon Water Transfer Trailer w/ Pump

MWT-0510-2MHD Dual-Axle 510 Gallon Water Transfer Trailer w/ Pump

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The dual-axle water trailer features a 510-gallon water tank and features rear spray, fire and garden hose hook-ups and hydrant fill capabilities. It is great for dust control, cleaning parking lots and transporting water to remote locations.

·510-gallon elliptical low profile 3/8-inch thick polyethylene
·16-inch manhole with 4-inch vent and a sump pump

Central Manifold:
·Easy to operate butterfly brass valves

·1 1/2-inch fire hose hook-up with 50-foot x 1 1/2-inch hose and fog nozzle
·Break-away hydrant fill with 25-foot x 2 1/2-inch hose
·Dual rear spray heads
·Garden hose connector
·Manifold discharge system
·Water hammer prevention valve

·DOT approved
·12-inch under-clearance at axle
·7,000-lb. side-mount crank jack
·Dual leaf spring suspension
·Rubber mounted sealed lights
·Wire storage basket
·Two safety chains with snap hooks

Semi-Trash Pump:
·2-inch suction and discharge that handles solids up to 3/4-inch diameter
·Heavy-duty powder coated wraparound frame with 1-inch steel tubing
·Silicon carbide mechanical seals
·Precision molded cast iron impeller and volute for reduced vibration and wear

Limited Warranties:
  • 1 Year Trailer
  • 2 Year Pump
  • 3 Year Honda Engine
  • 3 Year Water Tank

Displacement/ Engine 118cc 3.5 Hp Honda GX120 OHV

Pump  2 in. Semi-Trash

Hitch  2 in. Ball

Tires  (4) ST225-75 15 in.

Axle  (2) 3,500 lb. Tandem with Hydraulic Surge Brakes

Bed Frame  5 ft. x 8 ft.

Trailer Weight (Loaded)  5,900 lb.

Length 163.00 in.  Width 82.00 in.  Height 70.00 in.  Weight  1580 lb

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