Mid Back Seat Assembly for Excavator / Tractor

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Multi-Gray Fabric Seat Assembly for Cat, JD, NH

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Case 9007B, 9030B, CX75SR, CX80, CX130, CS130B, CX135SR, CX160, CX160B, CX210, CX210B, CX210BLR, CX210BNLC, CX210LR, CX210N, CX225SR, CX240, CX240B, CX240BLR, CX240LR, CX250C, CX290, CX290B, CX330, CX350, CX350B, CX460, CX700, CX700B, CX800, CX800B

Caterpillar 307, 307B, E70B, E110B, 3L240C, 906, 908, 918F, 938G II, 960F

JCB 416, 426ZX

John Deere 70, 70D, 75C, 75D, 80, 80C, 85D, 110, 120, 120C, 120D, 130G LC, 135C RTS, 135D, 135G RTS, 160C LC, 160D LC, 160 LC, 160G LC, 200C LC, 200D LC, 200 LC, 210G LC, 225C LC RTS, 225D LC, 230C LC, 230 LC, 230 LC R, 230 LC RD, 240D LC, 250G LC, 270C LC, 270D LC, 270 LC, 290D, 290G LC, 330C LC, 330 LC, 330 LC R, 350D LC, 350G LC, 370, 370C, 450C LC, 450D LC, 450 LC, 470G LC, 490, 490D, 490E, 495D, 550 LC, 590D, 595D, 600C LC, 650D LC, 670G LC, 690C, 690CR, 690D, 690D R, 690E LC, 750, 790, 790D, 790E LC, 792, 792D LC, 800C, 850D LC, 870G LC, 892D LC, 892E LC, 992D LC, 992E LC, 744E

Kobelco 140SRLC, SK140SR, SK140SRLC, SK170LC, SK210LC, SK230SR, SK350LC (seat must not be connected to pods)

New Holland E70 MIDI, E80 MIDI, E130, E135B, E160, E175B, E215, E215B, E235BSR, E235BSRLC, E235BSRNLC, EH70, EH80, EH130, EH160, EH215, FW90, FW110, FW130, FW170, FW190, FW270, LW90, LW110, LW110.B, LW130, LW130.B, LW130TC, LW170, LW170.B, LW170TC, LW190, LW190.B, LW230, LW230.B, LW270, LW270.B, W110, W130

Takeuchi TB175, TB1140

Ideal for commercial turf, construction equipment, ground service equipment, skid steers, specialty vehicles and utility tractors / vehicles.

This Seat Assembly is a heavy-duty, mid-back replacement static seat that replaces KAB seats with suspensions used in medium or large construction machines

Durable Multi-Gray Fabric covering
Mid-back static seat with contoured foam cushions to ensure operator comfort
Adjustable mechanical lumbar support to help prevent lower back pain
Document pouch to store owner's manual and other valuables.

For Armrest Use Item # AR165

Bolt Pattern (W x L) 14-1/2" x 11"

Please note some models may vary and you may have to drill new holes in existing mounting platform to install this seat.


Item # WS424

501 KAB T5

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