High Back Tractor Seat for MTD

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Tractor Seat

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Cub Cadet GT-1054, GTX-1054, LGT-1050, LGT-1054, LGTX-1050, LGTX-1054, LTX-1040, LTX-1042, LTX-1045, LTX-1046, LTX-1046KW, LTX-1046M, LTX-1046VT, LTX-1050KH, LTX-1050KW, LTX-1050VT, RZT-42, RZT-50, RZT-54, RZT-L 42, RZT-L 46 FAB, RZT-L42, RZT-L46, RZT-L46 FAB, RZT-L50, RZT-L54, RZT-L54 FAB, RZT-S 42, RZT-S 42 Zero, RZT-S 46, RZT-S 46 FAB, RZT-S 50, RZT-S 54, RZT-S 54 FAB, LT2 NR92

Craftsman 247.203700, T1000, T8000, 247203700, 247203701,  247203702, 247203703, 247203704, 247203705, 247203710, 247203711, 247203712, 247203713, 247203714, 247203715, 247203716, 24728881, 247288810, 247288811, 247288812, 247288820, 24728883, 247288831, 247288870, 24728901, 247289010, 24728911, 247289110

Husqvarna LZ11577, LZ11577HRB, LZ11577RB, P11577, P11577HRB, P11577RB, P125107H, P145107HP, CTH164, CTH174, CTH184, CTH194, CTH204T, CTH2138, CTH224, CTH2642, LGT2654, LGT48DXL, LT19538, LTH19530, LTH2038, LTH2142, TC238, TC239T, TC338, TS242, TS243T, TS246, TS342, RZ3016, RZ3019, RZ4219, RZ4221, RZ4621, RZ4622T, RZ4623, RZ46i, RZ4824, RZ5424, RZ5426, RZ4221, RZ4622, RZ54i, YT42, YT46, YT48, YT54, YTA1946, YTH184, YTH2042, YTH2146, YTH224, YTH2242, YTH2246, YTH2348, YTH2754, Z242, Z246, Z248, Z254, Z142, CTH2038, CTH2642, GT200, GTH200, GTH220, GTH2248, GTH225, GTH2250, GTH2254, GTH250, GTH2548, GTH2550, GTH2554, GTH2654, GTVH 200, GTVH205, LT125, LT2223A2, LT2223CMA2, RZ3016, RZ3016CA, YT125, YT140H, YT160, YT161H, YT180, YT190, YTH1120-14, YTH142, YTH1542, YTH180, YTH1848, YTH190, YTH2046, YTH2048, YTH2148, YTH2248, YTH2448, YTH2548, YTKH1542, YTKH1848, CT131, CT141, CTH141, LT131, LT141, LTH141

Jonsered LT2216-96041003100, LT2217A-96041004300, LT2217A-96041004302, LT2113, LT2113 A, LT2113 CM, LT2114, LT2114 A, LT2114 CA, LT2115

Poulan 96041001400, 96046002200, P145107H, PXT195G42, 11597, PB14538LT, PB145G38, PB17542LT, PO12538LT, PO12597RB, PO14538LT, PO14542LT, PO17542LT, PXT12538, PXT155G42, PXT175G42

Troy-Bilt TB30, TB30 R Hydro

Designed for Lawn & Garden Tractors, Lawn Mower and Turf Equipment Ariens, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, Broan, Murray, Yard Machines, Poulan, Jonsered

This seat features a 3-bolt mounting pattern and 13" high backrest. 

Highly durable self-skinning integral polyurethane seat with Black skin
Heavy-duty internal steel frame
Seamless molded and contoured cushions to ensure operator comfort
Weather and puncture resistant
High-back seat
Air flow cavity for cooler operation
Seat dimensions: 17.67" x 13" x 17.17" (W x H x D)
Strong wear resistance
3-bolt mounting pattern

Please note some models may vary and you may have to drill new holes in existing mounting platform to install this seat.


Item # WS400

757-05227 757-05229 757-05447 V3400 532439822 439822 532197526 532424068 406621 424068 197526 532406621 757-04124 757-05048 757-05241 757-04088 757-04099 757-05231 757-05428 757-06087 21546703 532197511 757-04129 104 106 532406625

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