Heavy Duty Tractor Excavator Loader Seat w/ Air Suspension

Heavy Duty Tractor Excavator Loader Seat w/ Air Suspension

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Heavy Duty Suspension Seat For Flat Mounting Surface for Cat

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Caterpillar Excavator: C4.4
Off-Highway Trucks: 770G, 772G, 773E, 777D
Rollers/Compactors: C4.4, C32, CB7, CB8, CB10, CB13, CB15, CB16, CB46B, CB-44B, CB-54B, CB-64B, CB-66B, CB-68B, CCS9, CD8, CD10, CD-44B, CD-54B, CP54B, CP56B, CP68B, CP74B, CP76B, CP-54B, CP-56B, CP-68B, CP-74B, CS54B, CS56B, CS64B, CS66B, CS68B, CS74B, CS76B, CS78B, CS79B, CS-54B, CS-56B, CS-64B, CS-66B, CS-68B, CS-74B, CS-76B, CS-78B, CS-79B, CW12, CW34, CW-16, CW-34
Skid Steers: 226D, 226D3, 232D, 232D3, 236D, 236D3, 239D, 239D3, 242D, 242D3, 246C, 246D, 246D3, 249D, 249D3, 256C, 257D, 257D3, 259D, 259D3, 262C, 262C2, 262D, 262D3, 272C, 272D, 272D XHP, 272D2, 272D3, 272D3 XE, 277C, 277C2, 277D, 279C, 279C2, 279D, 279D3, 287C, 287C2, 287D, 289C, 289C2, 289D, 289D3, 297C, 297D, 297D2, 299C, 299D, 299D XHP, 299D2, 299D3, 299D3 XE
Wheel Loaders: 924K, 930K, 938K

Durable Charcoal Gray Fabric covering
Compact frame air suspension with self-contained 12-Volt air compressor with up to 5.12" suspension stroke
Ergonomic contoured foam cushions to ensure operator comfort
Contoured metal seat and backrest pans
Adjustable backrest angle for individual fit and comfort
Adjustable mechanical lumbar support to help prevent lower back pain
Adjustable fold-up armrests
Retractable seat belt provides additional safety
99 - 397 lb adjustable weight adjustment with indicator
Slide rails provide 6.3"-7.87" fore/aft adjustment
High-performance fixed damper
Comes standard with operator presence switch
Rubber molded suspension cover to keep components free of dust and dirt
Mounting pattern: 5.51" side-to-side and 9.65" front-to-back

Complies with ISO 7096 vibration, ISO 11112 dimension, SAE J1163, ISO 5353, and ISO 3462 standards.

Please note some models may vary and you may have to drill new holes in existing mounting platform to install this seat.

Seat does not come with command arm mounts. You will need to take off command arm brackets from the old seat and re-use with the new seat.


Item # AS190

258-4055, 476-1133, 526-4160, 526-8513 Sears 8750 8749 3000/30 424

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