Grammer MSG 85 / 95 Series Tractor Seat Isolator Adjuster

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For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

For Grammer MSG 85 / 95 series seats. Mounts under seat rails. Allows front to rear movement (25mm fore & 25mm aft) to be absorbed, giving operator a more comfortable and healthier ride.

One lever to engage or disengage isolator function.

Reduces jolts and vibrations

This item WILL NOT WORK With swivel Item # SH115

Item # MS215

WNIS8595 WN-IS8595 A-IS8595-AI SLP153161632 SD022104 HEV56311 8400 MSG85 MSG95 136 2847 MSG85/722 MSG85/721 MSG95/721 MSG95/731 MSG95/741 MSG95 DDS/741 AL209102 5M-7030 722 1054 1055 1057 1060 1061 1250 1310

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