Fore/Aft Isolator Kit for Mechanical Suspension

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Fore/Aft Isolator Kit for Cat, NH, CIH, IH, JD

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Mechanical Suspensions

Easily swap out the old existing fore/aft isolator on your Mechanical Suspension, Over time & with a lot of use, it is not uncommon for Isolators to fail.

Kit includes shock for fore/aft isolator, spring assembly, and all bushings and screws needed for easy installation
Made to provide long-lasting durability
Replaces worn out fore/aft isolator
Includes installation instructions

Please Note: For MSG85 Mechanical Suspension only

Item # SH172

1096591 MSG85 MSG95 1232456 40/910931 333/C9051 333/D1139 MSG97 AL70602 F930500030070 133474 84190985 84190983 AL117457

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