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Crawler Seat Cushion Arm Rest Set For Caterpillar

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Black Vinyl Seat Cushion Armrest Set 

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Caterpillar Series II & III  D3C, D3G, LGP, XL, D4C, D4G, D4H, D5C, D5G, D5H, 931C, 933, 939, 933C, 935C, 939C, 

30-30, DEUCE Engineer Support Tractor, 

Cushion has a three-hole mounting (2 on top, 1 on side) ...they  mount on a thick L shaped bracket.  The bracket  has 8E4147 stamped into it.  The upper bolt holes are 10-1/2” on center.

You will have to take the metal bracket off your old arm rest and re-use.  Then bolt them back onto your machine. 

Item # AR133


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