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Airhawk Plus Tractor / Truck / Cycle Seat Cushion

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Air Cushion Seat Cushion 

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Cars, Bleacher Seats, Forklifts, Industrial Equipment, Office Chairs, Tractors and Trucks

Durable Black Polyvinyl material
Breathable and stretchable nylon / lycra blend cover
Isloflow air adjustment valve
19" x 19" square cushion
Dry flotation technology
Strong wear resistance

Use the Airhawk Plus Seat Cushion as a high quality flotation cushion to keep you riding in comfort while on the job. The Airhawk Seat Cushion uses fully adjustable air-filled individual cells that are controlled by an innovative air valve and pump that will distribute seating weight evenly for a more comfortable ride. Using the dry flotation technology will help reduce grievances to pressure points, which are the main source of numbness and back pain.

AIRHAWK Truck Seat Cushion System with Cover allows users to drive without suffering pain, numbness, and fatigue. The cushion is made of individual, interconnected air cells allowing air to transfer from chamber-to-chamber, evenly distributing body weight, and promoting proper blood flow. This seat cushion is great for those who drive tractor-trailers, or large machinery for extended periods of time.

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