56W XGC Fast Charger Power Adapter for GB70, GB150, GB500

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A 56-watt power adapter for rapidly recharging NOCO Boost UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters models - GB70, GB150, and GB500.

Charges five times faster than a traditional 2-amp USB wall or car chargers.

Designed to work anywhere in the world with a wide input range of 110-240VAC 50-60Hz.

A high-frequency, high-efficiency power supply engineered for efficient energy transfer.

What's in the box NOCO XGC4 56W Boost Power Adapter

60-Inch (1.5m) AC Cord (Type A)

60-Inch (1.5m) AC Cord (Type C)

60-Inch (1.5m) AC Cord (Type G)

60-Inch (1.5m) AC Cord (Type I)

Item # B115

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