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25 x 13 - 9 ATV / UTV Heavy Duty Tire Chain (Pair) V Bar 2 Link

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     For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To: 

     25 x 13 x 9 Tires  

  • UTV - ATV Two Link Tire Chains
  • Thickest ATV Chains on the market. Cross Chains are .234 inch thick. Side Chain is .218 thick, and can be used on any style tire.
  • V Bar
  • Sold per pair

Our Ladder ATV Tire Chains are the most Heavy Duty sold.

2 link tire chains provide for a more consistent ride by having more chain on the face of the tire. Therefore, helping to reduce the bumpy ride from being on chain - off chain. 2 link is always recommended for steering tires, since it allows more steering control.

V Bar Tire Chains are helpful on hills with ice and hard packed conditions. They are not recommended on pavement since they can damage the surface if the tires begin to spin.

V-BAR also called, Ice breaker, ICE BAR and REINFORCED TIRE CHAINS. The V-bar is a piece of hardened angle iron, welded to each link of the cross chain. 15/64 or 9/32 thick depending on actual tire size. Recommended for ice and off road use. Double the wear over tire chains without the V Bar.

IMPORTANT: Tire Chains are designed to fit various tire brands and tread patterns. Adjustments/Alterations are normal and expected.

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