20 x 8 - 8 20 x 8 - 10 Heavy Duty Tire Chain (Pair) 4 Link

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      For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To: 

       20 x 8-8 or 20x8-10 Tires

  • Our Heavy Duty Tire Chains are made of thicker cross chains, side chains, and fasteners, and can be used on any style tire.
  • For 2 link chains, cross chains occur every other side chain link giving consistent ride with less grip-slip like a 4 link chain.
  • Tensioner is recommended for maximum life and performance of chains.
  • To ensure maximum life and performance of your tire chains, tire chains must be installed as tight as possible.
  • IMPORTANT: Tire Chains are designed to fit various tire brands and tread patterns. Adjustments/Alterations are normal and expected.

782531804  TITAN SUPPLY TC5318G

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