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18″ x 28″ (Green) 110 Speedway Express Kids Wagon w/ Side Racks 800 #

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Speedway Express Wagons Will Give You & Your Family Years Of Enjoyment !

This Mini Wagon brings a child’s imagination to life. Coast smoothly through the neighborhood with your child riding in the wagon bed, enjoying the fresh air, and having the time of their life. This kids wagon is our most affordable wagon and there is no surprise why it is one of our more popular ones.

In addition, maneuvering the wagon is simple, even in tight spots, thanks to the tight turn radius, with No-tilt Auto Turn Steering. You can pull it along by handle, or remove the handle and tow it behind any Riding Lawn Mower, SUV, ATV, or Tractor. 

Build Quality: Professionals demand high quality equipment, and Speedway Express by Lapp Wagons has been delivering it for 60 years and running. The Removable Sides Wagon with (Optional Hitch) is a prime example of Speedway quality, as it features a Strong Welded heavy gauge steel framework that resists rust. You can put the wagon together in less than 30 minutes, so you can spend more time in the yard and less time assembling the wagon in the garage. 

2 Year Limited Warranty

Capacity: 800 lbs. - 1.7 Cubic Feet 

Body/Frame: Wood with Strong Welded Heavy Gauge Steel Frame

Wheels:  8” x 1.75” Flat-Free Wheels

Assembled Size: 27"H x 31"D x 20"W 

Control: Convertible, With No-Tilt Steering

Assembles in 30 min. or less!

Made in the USA

Item # LG170

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