15 Gallon Lawn & Garden ATV / UTV Spot Sprayer 1.0 gpm

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Ideal for smaller yards and hillsides, this spot sprayer mounts to ATV / UTV and lawn tractors and holds 15 gallons of liquid. A mounted on demand pump is powered by your 12-volt tractor battery, which pushes product to the attached wand with handgun at 1 gallon per minute.   

Build Quality: Leave your tools in the shed and forget about the hassles of assembly. It comes fully assembled and ready to mount.

The tank body is made with high-strength poly, and the 15 feet of flexible EPDM black hose is designed not to crack even under heavy use and abuse. Heavy-duty alligator clips allow users to easily attach the diaphragm pump to any 12 volt battery to spot-spray weeds in yards or other areas.

Capacity: 15 gallons

Body/Frame: Opaque plastic tank body

Motor: 12 volt, 1 GPM, 40 psi On Demand Pump. 

Assembled Size: 17"H x 31.5"D x 15"W

Fully Assembled - No Tools Required

Made in the U.S.A.

Item # LG106

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