12v Grader / Paver / Loader / Excavator Seat w/ Air Suspension

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Seat with Suspension for JD, AC, IH, FD, NH, MF, IR, Cat, CIH

For Multiple Applications Including But Not Limited To:

Case RG140, RG170, RG200, LM415A, LM430, LM435A, LM445A, LM5040, LM5060, LM5080, LM640, LM840, LM850, LM860, M357, M427, M428, M459, M551, 21D, 121E, 221D, 321D, 380B, 570XLT, A62, A64, A66, FR120, FR140, FR180, W50TC, W80TC

Caterpillar AP-500E, AP-500F, AP-500F LRC, AP-555E, AP-555F, AP-555F LRC, AP-600D, AP-600F, AP-600F LRC, AP-650, AP-655C, AP-655D, AP-655F, AP-655F LRC, AP-800, AP-1000D, AP-1000E, AP-1000F, AP-1055D, AP-1055E, AP-1055F, BG-225, BG-230, BG-240, BG-245, BG-260, BG-260D, BG-500E, BG-555E, BG-600D, BG-655D, BG-1000E, BG-1055E, BG-2255C, BG-2455D, PM620, PM620LRC, PM622, 904, 906, 906H, 907H, 908H, IT14, CW14, PS150, PS-150B, PS-150C, PS-200B, PS-360, PS-360B, PS-360C, CB-534D, CS44, CS44B, CS54, CS54B, CS56, CS56B, CS64, CS64B, CS74, CS74B, CS-423, CS-423E, CS-423E2, CS-433, CS-433B, CS-433C, CS-433E, 928, CP-323, CP-433, CP-533, CS-323, CS-423, CS-433, CS54, CS-563, CS-663, AP-1055, TH255, TL642, TL1255, CP44, CP54, CP56, CP64, CP74, CP76, CP-433E, CP-533E, CP-563E, CP-573E, CP-633E, CP-663E, CS6, CS76, CS-533E, CS-563E, CS-573E, CS-583E, CS-663E, CS-683E, CS-853E

Genie GTH-1544

507-42, 512-56, 514-56, 525-60, 535-140 HIVIZ, 550-140, 550-170

Durable fabric or vinyl covering
12v Narrow air or mechanical suspension with front controls for tight fit
Adjustable headrest for extra height (Vinyl Seats)
Backrest with full recline (Air Seats)
Backrest with 45° recline (Mechanical Seat)
Adjustable fold-up armrests
Retractable seat belt for added safety (Fabric Seat)
Durable document pouch to store owner's manual and other valuables (Fabric seat)
Height adjustment of 1.2"
110 - 265 lb weight adjustment
3.2" fore/aft slide rail adjustment
Vertical suspension stroke of 3.14"
Ride indicator for best suspension setting
Meets ISO 7096 specifications for vibration isolation
Includes a durable suspension cover to keep components free of dirt and dust.

Mounting patterns include (W x L) 4.7" x 8"- 9.05"

This Seat with Suspension is a high-back seat with air or mechanical suspension designed for making your work environment more comfortable in a wheel loader, skid steer, excavator, telehandler, grader, dozer or ag tractor.

Please note some models you may have to drill new holes in existing mounting platform, or require bracket fabrication to install this seat.


Item # AS178

235-3151, 248-1362, 279-5724 KAB 151 111 8111 8435

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