11 x 4.00 - 5 Heavy Duty Tire Inner Tube (Bent Stem) 320080

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Carlisle Tire Tube Size 11x4.00-5

First Quality Radial Tire Inner Tube May be used in both Radial and Bias Tire Applications with L Shaped Stem (TR87) valve with cap

Supplied bent (90°), - Rim hole 0.453''
Not intended for use with liquid ballast.

T405 MARTIN WHEEL T405-87 MARTIN WHEEL T40587 MARTIN WHEEL T878 MOW MORE 107963 TORO / WHEEL HORSE 170-027 STENS 170027 STENS 217027 LANDSCAPE SUPPLY 320080 CARLISLE 7-04822 PRIME LINE 704822 PRIME LINE 71-511 OREGON 71511 OREGON 878 ROTARY 92228 LASER SALES Foley/PLP 184-512, Rotary 878, Prime Line 7-04822, Sunbelt SB-873, Sunbelt SB-878, Edgewater 11/400-5J, ESF 184-512, Laser L2492, Martin Wheel T405, Mow More T878, Dealer Choice T405-87, Oregon 71-511, Laser 92228, Landscaper Pro BHA027, NHC 222-1159, Ratio Parts 001-175, Napa 7-04822, Sunbelt B1320080

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